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Desert Safaris in the South Sinai Desert of Egypt
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There are various safaris by Jeep and Camel available in the desert:
  1. Quad Bikes
  2. Bedouin Dinner
  3. Star Gazing
  4. Canyon Treking
  5. The Blue Hole & Abu Galum

<i>Trip 1: </i> <u>Quad Bikes</u> Trip 1:  Quad Bikes

Enjoy the spectacular views of desert and mountains on this trek, a fantastic experience!

Experience the thrill of riding a quad bike on desert trails that take you on a journey through the beautiful Sinai Wadis and Mountains; a trip that you won't forget in a hurry.

Trip 2:  Bedouin Dinner <i>Trip 2: </i> <u>Bedouin Dinner</u>

Enjoy Bedouin tea, Bedouin bread, and a Bedouin barbecue by the light of a million desert stars.

Meet some of the desert's most ancient inhabitants and enjoy a true Bedouin feast on this adventure to the mountains.

<i>Trip 3: </i> <u>Star Gazing</u> Trip 3:  Star Gazing

A night trip including space vision with telescope, dinner in Bedouin style with a belly dancing show.

After admiring the beautiful sunset, open buffet dinner with drinks will be at a Bedouin house, followed by a show with belly dancing. To finish off the evening, wonder at the millions of stars through a telescope. There will be an explanation about the stars before looking at the planets and stars through the telescope.

Trip 4:  Canyon Treking <i>Trip 4: </i> <u>Canyon Treking</u>

The White Canyon & Colored Canyon incl. Ein Khudra Oasis, Mushroom & Inscription Rocks, plus Salama Canyon.

The White Canyon, a splendid example of eroded sandstone, it's floor awash with white powdered sand. Itís narrow winding path opens up to plateaus of harsh desert, and then narrows again until the exit at the oasis of Ain Khudra. Itís beautiful place with date palms and water springs which has been home to Bedouin tribes for over one thousand years.

<i>Trip 5: </i> <u>The Blue Hole & Abu Galum</u> Trip 5:  The Blue Hole & Abu Galum

Snorkel at the Blue Hole and take a camel ride or trek to Abu Galum.

Spend the day snorkeling and taking in the atmosphere of one of the world famous areas. It's an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling, while the more adventurous can swim out to the reef wall to see the amazing marine life of the Red Sea. The local restaurants offer opportunities for refreshment and relaxation. You can also venture up into the mountains for a fantastic view of the area, or along the shore to see the ancient fossilized reef exposed here.
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